Thursday, May 19, 2011

Pretend Play Beauty Aprons......

I have to give equal time to the girls here. I posted a few weeks back about the Tool Belts that I make for little boys (Pretend Play Tool Belts) , but I also make Beauty Aprons for the little girls.  These are fun for pretend play beauty salon.
It is made very much like our tool belts, just different size pockets.
I purchased a large case of pink plastic combs, brushes, headbands and bracelets on ebay and that is what we used to fill our beauty aprons, but you could use items you already own. Just make your pockets the right size to fit your items.
I hope this inspires you to make one of your own for that special little girl in your life.
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Saturday, May 14, 2011

Monster Glove Puppets.......

This is Simon the Spider. He is a monster puppet that I made for my son when he was into all that fun "make believe" stuff.  (I miss those days).
This is a very simple craft to make.
I start with a pair of those stretchy gloves that come in all different colors and you think that they won't fit your hand, but they do. I found them at the dollar store for  3for $1.00.
Next I traced a circle onto some felt scraps that I had laying around.  I used a dessert plate. I ran a gather stitch all the way around the outside edge of the felt circle and pulled it together to form a little pouch. I stuffed the circle with  some fiber-fill and then stitched the circle closed. Next I sewed the ball to the glove (sometimes, I have made some that I just used hot glue to adhere it to the glove and sometimes I did both to make it extra secure).
Then I added white pom pom eyes and pom poms and ribbons on each finger of the glove...a few pipe cleaners on the head, and some puffy fabric paint for the eyeballs and the mouth.
That's about all there is to it....Hope this has inspired someone to try their "hand" at a glove puppet too.

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Sunday, May 8, 2011

Kids "How To Set The Table" Placemat......

This is something I used to offer in my Etsy Shop a few years ago. I made so many of them over the years that I got tired of making them...I hate when that happens....but thought I would share it with blog land in case it inspires anyone to make one of their own. These are great for kids to teach them how to set a table, but I had alot of wives buy them (mostly as a joke) for their husbands at craft shows. :)
The very first one I made was for my son and he loved putting the appropriate utensil in the right spot. Now that he's ten - he knows  pretty well how to set a table.

I simply cut out shapes to look like eating utensils, a napkin, a plate and a place for a glass.
I used fusible webbing on back and then appliqued around the edge of each piece. Lined it with  thin fleece in between the front and back to give it some thickness and that's it!!!
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Monday, May 2, 2011

Pretend Play Mail Box.......

I made this mailbox for a friend a few years back. It hangs on the wall. My friend's kids loved playing with it and their mom would often leave mail for them to check in the morning. It is made from felt and I cut the letters out using my die cut machine. I made some felt mail to go inside and even a felt little package.  It was alot of fun to make and not too difficult.

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