Sunday, November 6, 2011

Rescheduled Halloween Party....

If you have been following my blog, then you know that after all my hard work on the costumes, a snow storm to beat all snow storms caused us to miss our party. Luckily, we found a rescheduled party last night to go to. Had a blast dressed as the peanuts!

Friday, November 4, 2011

A Couple More Halloween Costumes I Made...

My son and his friend share the same birthday. This year, we decided to do a joint-birthday/Halloween party. His friend has two little brothers that are identical twins. Since, they would be coming to the party too, they needed costumes. One of the twins is named, Frank, and I happened to have a Frankenstein costume that I had made my son years ago. (If you scroll down a bit in this blog - you will see a tutorial on how to make it). The other twin wanted to be a Mummy, so I figured that I could  up whip a costume for him too. This costume took just a few hours to make and was very simple.
Here are the results:
The glasses were added to the picture via to hide his identity.

Again, the glasses were not part of the costume.
I made the Mummy costume by ripping muslin strips (about 3 inches wide) and tea dying them. Then I just let them dry, I wanted them to be a little wrinkled. Next, I sewed them onto a long john set. The important thing to remember is to stretch the material when sewing on, so that when the costume is on - it will be big enough. I did open up the leg and arm seams and then sewed them back up when the strips were sewed on. Sew the strips on using different angles and leave some  strips hanging a bit , like he's becoming unwrapped. I sewed strips onto a white knit snow hat for the head (again stretching the fabric as I sewed). I left a couple of long pieces hanging so they could be wrapped randomly around his face and pinned back to the hat. He LOVED the costume and looked so cute.
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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Disappointing Halloween....

Well, after almost 3 months of working on our Halloween costumes this year.....a huge blizzard hit our part of the country on Halloween weekend. We NEVER have snow this early...EVER! The roads were so bad that we could not go to our party. I felt like sitting down and crying after all the hard work. Turns out we ended up losing power for 3 days and I am happy to say that power has been returned and I guess, if I look at the glass half full...I am all set for Halloween costumes next year. Now I just have to find somewhere in my house to store these huge Charlie Brown and friends heads until next year.