Friday, October 7, 2011

Time To Think Halloween (Week 7) - Mrs. Potato Head Costume from Toystory

This week I am featuring one of my all time favorite costumes that I have ever made....Mrs. Potato Head from Toy Story! I absolutely loved how this one turned out and my friend, Amanda, had so much fun wearing it!
This costume was fairly simple. I purchased brownish fabric and made a big sack. I sandwiched cotton batting in between the outside and the lining to give it some "body". It required a couple of fittings with my friend to get the arm holes just right. Then for the eyes, nose and mouth...all made from felt. Toughest part was the nose. I had a hard time getting it just the right size and shape.
The shoes were purchased clown shoes, but they worked well with the outfit.
Her hat was key for the costume to look like Mrs. Potato Head. I paper mache'd over a small size exercise ball. I believe it was 36" in diameter. I then covered it in red felt, made a flap for the visor and cut a hole for her to look out. To make this hat not so heavy (it actually came right down over her shoulders) I cut a round circle (about 18" in diameter) out of the top of the paper mache, but not the felt. This way the top of her head fit into the hole, taking a lot of the weight off her head and it rested on the felt. This also helped to steady the head, so that it wasn't wiggling all over when she moved.  I did put red netting over the hole for her face, but you could still see her pretty well in the bright lights.
She received LOADS of compliments on her costume and our group did win first prize!
I will be featuring the final Toy Story Costume next week....the Alien!

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