Saturday, September 3, 2011

Time To Think Halloween Costumes (Week 2) - Chicken Costumes...

About 8 years ago, I convinced my husband (who is NOT a Halloween lover) that we should attend a friends costume party. He finally agreed so I set out to make some funny costumes. We went with another couple. So, my friend and I were yellow chickens, my husband was a rooster and for her husband we glued little pom poms with google eyes and beaks on them all over his clothes and he was a "chick magnet". :)
Here are some pictures: (I blocked out the faces because I am pretty sure my husband would not be happy about revealing his identity in a big rooster costume).
The chicken and rooster costumes were sewn together  and a little stuffing added and then the tedious part. I hot glued yellow and white feathers all over it - layer after layer. It was kind of costly. The hoods were made of felt and some foot covers and they were done. We won second place at the contest and we all had fun doing the Chicken Dance. My husband is VERY tall, so he looked even funnier as a big rooster!

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  1. I absolutely love your costumes! Looks like a fun bunch of friends and a great time!

    Visiting by way of the linky party at Trendy Treehouse!

    Jenn/Rook No. 17

  2. Too cute! I’d love for you to link to Things I’ve Made Thursdays. I’m trying something new this week- We have two sections to the party- one for kids’ things and one for “Anything”!! I think this post would be an awesome addition to the “Anything Goes” party!

    Hope you’ll stop by on Thursday and link up!