Monday, March 28, 2011

So Exciting...

A friend of mine sent me a text, yesterday, that said "Hey, did you know about the $1.99 fabric store in Auburn?"
I was like...whoa....hold the phone (literally)......a fabric store that all fabric is $1.99 per yard???.....and I don't know about it? .....
Well, I was there this morning bright and early. What a find!!! They had a great selection, lots of notions too. I will definitely be back....but not too often because I have a bit of a problem with a fabric addiction. :)


  1. Me too, sister. Me, too. If I bring more fabric home, Sweet Hubby may very well (gulp) forbid me from going to Hobby Lobby again. If we had a $1.99 fabric store...well, let's just say it might not bode well for my marriage. LOL

    So glad you found that place though...I can't wait to see what types of goodies you'll whip up with those pretty fabrics!

  2. These are beautiful fabrics, thanks for sharing:)