Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Recycled "Catch All" Box Mini-Tutorial...

I made this "clutter keeper" a few years ago to hold all those papers and things that end up on my counter.
Supplies Needed:
Heavy duty Cardboard Box
Scrapbook Papers
Scrap Magazines or Catalogs
Rub -on Letters
Mod Podge

I made this one from a Juice Pouch Box.

These are great to use for this project because it is is such a heavy duty cardboard. I just used a knife to cut the box to my desired size. I cut down the front a little more to make it easy to see in the box.
Next all you need is some decorative paper. I actually used large sheets of scrapbooking paper. I glued down using Mod Podge. (cover each section completely with Mod Podge and then smooth paper over it). Works like wrapping a gift.
Then the fun part - making it special to you.
I began by gathering some phrases that remind me of my son. I cut some from magazines and catalogs and I also used some rub -on letters to say exactly what I wanted it to say. (Like "Fred" and "the Jay Man" as these are nicknames we call my son). I also took some photos and cut out the image that I wanted to use.
This is the other side of the box!
When you have mod podged your personalizations on and they have dried a bit...now mod podge the entire box. I used a shiny finish for mine. I did a light sanding in between coats and I did TONS of coats just because I like to. One or two coats would be just fine. :)
So when you are all done, you can leave this out on your counter for all those things that need a place.
 I have made these for my son's grandparents and even made one for my son's first grade teacher for his desk with pictures of the kids and events throughout the year.
It was a hit!

If you make one, would love to see a pic of it.
I love comments ....so please feel free to leave some. :)

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  1. Hey! I found you via Tip Junkie. I'm a big fan of re-using boxes that I get from work (file folders, office depot boxes). They make such great free storage containers! Love this idea.

  2. Hmmm..I think I need to make me one of these!!

  3. Just wonderful! It's my first time linking up and I just made a simple Shamrock :)

    My mum makes stuff like this.
    I'm following you now and hope you have a good night. Looking forward to seeing more crafts.