Sunday, February 27, 2011

Better Late Than Never - My Seuss Inspired Christmas Decor

I was tired of all my old Christmas Decorations and needed some new inspirations to get me in the spirit of things this year. I have always been a huge "Grinch" fan and went through a phase of making all kinds of stuffed Grinches as gifts for everyone a few years back. (My favorite shown above). So, I decided my new theme this year would be based on Dr. Seuss. I started by picking out fabric colors that looked "Seuss-y" to me.

Here is my mantle.

Even a Grinchy update for our dog's crate that has a permanent home in our family room.

The Tree!
The picture doesn't exactly do it justice. It was so full of color and
whimsical type ornaments.

A close-up. I made the felt circle garland to go around the whole tree.

And next my FAVORITE:
Cindi Lou Who Tree Topper!
I made this using a coloring book picture for inspiration. Felt, some stuffing and puffy fabric paint. She just pulled the whole tree together.
So, that's it. You couldn't help but look into the "Seuss" room and smile.
Made for a non-traditioal, but happy holiday setting!

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